it all started when i went to pickup my little jane from middle school.

the OG lion's den.

i walked through the glob of kids and the memories were so thick I felt like I had to brush them away from my face.

so much awkward.

so much b.o.

so much insecurity.

so much trying to fit in.

so much figuring out who I was.

who i am.

sometimes, this world can be so dang mean.

and sometimes the meanest person we meet each day is in the mirror.

first thing...

we tell each other, and ourselves a story.

one where we aren’t good enough.

or need to be something else.

or wish we were something more...or less.

or aren’t worth it.

or measuring up.

or liked.

or seen.

but none of these are true.


they are not who we are.

and we wouldn't say them about someone else...

so why would we say them to ourselves???

so i think…it’s time to find a new story.

a better one.

the real one.

and I think the first person we need tell it to...is that one we meet in the mirror.

to remind them…

that I am good.

so good.

that I am worth it.

i am someone totally rad.

i am adorable.

i am killing it.

i am love.




and perfectly me.

we want to find that story for ourselves

and tell it over and over

and help you find that story...

and really...just help you, remind you…about you.


So that's why the clothes are backwards.  The words are meant for you when you see yourself in the mirror or catch your reflection in a window.

Most clothes you wear for others.  These you wear for you!